5 Top Misinformation About Selling A Home

The internet offers an extensive range of tips and advice about selling a home. While, the internet age made it a lot easier to access information, not all information online can be regarded as true.

Using the wrong information can result to loss of time and money. Extensive research is vital when it comes to selling your home since this can help you separate the facts from myths. Here are the top 5 myths you should take into consideration:

1. Your Home’s Paint Colors Do Not Affect the Decision Of Home Shoppers

This is untrue. For most potential buyers, the thought of just moving to their new home already seems a daunting task. A home that does not have an attractive paint color may discourage a lot of buyers as they simply do not want to take on the task of applying paint on the home after the purchase.

This is why applying a fresh coat of neutral colored paint is important. As various potential buyers have diverse color preference, it is safer for you to choose neutral colors. In addition, these colors can help your property stand out especially online.

A fresh coat of paint is a worthwhile investment as it can help your home stand out in the crowd of competing listings. Hiring a professional to paint your home can be costly but can ensure the job is done right. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person and someone who is open to learning new skills then you can paint your home yourself. Doing it yourself will allow you to save a great deal of money.

2. Home interior is more important than the exterior

This is another misconception. The home exterior is equally as important as the interior as there are home shoppers that often make snap judgments, and is often based on a home’s exterior.

A lot of the current buyers get interested on a property after seeing it online or have passed by it. If your home exterior is unattractive and the driveway and yard is not maintained, there is a possibility buyers won’t bother looking into your home’s interior.

Improving your home’s exterior does not have to be costly. You can start by trimming the hedges, cutting the grass and removing all clutters. There are also some cheap add-ons such as cheap yet stylish porch lights, flowers as well as some fresh paint on your front door.

3. Appliances Made Of Granite and Stainless Are No Longer Trendy

The truth is most of current home buyers still prefer stainless steel appliances and granite counters.

When you are designing the interior of your home, decide first if you plan to stay at your home for a long period of time or sell it in the next couple of years. If you think that it is most likely that you will be selling your home in the near future, then you need to plan a design that would have a mass appeal such as using neutral colors for your paint and tiles as well as matching appliances and counter-tops.

4. Major Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Is a Must

While it is true that kitchen and bathroom renovation can enhance your home’s value, doing a major renovation before selling won’t provide an attractive return of investment.

On the other hand, you can sell your home for an attractive price by doing minor bathroom and kitchen renovations. You can lure in the right buyers by just adding new countertops or appliances. To have an idea of the improvements you should make, check similar homes in the neighbourhood. สร้างบ้าน

5. There Is No Need for Home Staging If the House for Sale Is Clean

A clean and tidy home is beneficial. However, with so many home sellers today that have acquired the services of professional home stagers, you may need to get one yourself to level the playing field. Cleaning and tidying the home may not be enough to get you the competitive advantage.

If most of your competitors are using a home stager, then your home will be below the level of the comparable homes for sale in your area. If home staging is not popular in your area, then getting a home stager will make your home even more attractive.

A professional home stager will make your home appealing to a large range of home buyers. Stagers have the skills to determine the right methods that will highlight the best features of your home as well as compensate for its negative ones.


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