Timber Replacement Windows – What Homeowners Should Know

Replacing the windows in your UK home is a major undertaking. If you have a vintage, historic or “listed” home, or if your home is located in a “conservation area,” chances are timber replacement windows will be your choice. Timber windows give an authentic look that will enhance the appearance of an older home because they can be ordered in a style to match your home’s design and architecture. Here’s some information about wood replacement windows that you may find helpful.

Wood Windows are Versatile

Very often timber frame windows are bespoke (custom made). This means that just about any design element or feature can be included. Although wood windows are generally more expensive than windows made from PVC or aluminum, the look you get is unmistakably classic.

Opt for Quality

When considering timber windows and doors, try to see the “big picture.” This means that price should not be the only concern. Since the windows are such an integral part of your home, doesn’t it make sense to consider as many factors as possible before contracting to replace them? Take a walk through a neighborhood similar to yours and look at the types of windows used in homes that compare to yours. You’re likely to find that PVC or aluminum windows clash with many homes’ vintage looks. Remember that window replacement can subtract from as well as add to a home’s value.

Other Considerations

Since non-opening windows are cheaper than those that open are, you might think that choosing a high number of non-opening replacement windows for your home will help keep the cost of the project down. While this is true to some extent, it’s important to remember that buyers looking for a traditionally styled home will probably want most of the windows to be operable and not merely decorative. Another point to consider is the type of glazing you want in the wood replacement windows. While double-glazing is highly touted from the standpoint of conserving fuel and keeping the heated or air-conditioned air inside the home, it’s important to realize that it may be a considerable length of time before the money you save offsets the higher cost of these windows.

Final Details

Contact several contractors and get several written estimates. Before signing a contract, verify that the costs and services listed on the contract are the same as those listed on the estimate. Also, ask for references and make it a point to contact them. Unless your whole job is bespoke, avoid paying a deposit higher than 10% of the total price. Beware of verbal guarantees that aren’t noted on the contract. Finally, read the guarantee and understand its terms.

Timber replacement windows are a great way to add value to your UK home. With a little forethought and circumspection, you’ll receive both quality windows and quality installation from a reputable contractor.

Morris Streak has been installing timber and sash windows for the last 20 years. He is focused exclusively on the sash windows and timber window market. Since that time, he has shown hundreds of homeowners how to properly install sash and timber windows in their homes. By eliminating salesmen and installers, the owner of a typical 3 bedroom, 2 bath home can save thousands of dollars in costs, while at the same time ensuring that each window is done correctly.


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