What Goes on Behind the CPAP Mask?

How would it feel to wear a CPAP mask and why is it important to sleep apnea sufferers? How would this mask help you if you have sleep apnea?

What Goes On Behind the Mask?

There three types of CPAP masks: the nasal mask which covers the upper lip and reaches out to the bridge of the nose. The second is the familiar full-face mask, an adaptation of the nasal mask. This one covers the bridge of the nose and extends towards the lower lip and chin. The newest addition is the pillow mask with inserts that shoots air directly towards the nose.

Using any of these masks can be uncomfortable and your sleeping positions might be limited but with the pillow type CPAP mask, there is more freedom as this does not occupy too much face area; or cause irritation on pressure points.

If you are claustrophobic, you might not like the full-face mask. Choose between the nasal pillow mask and the nasal mask. Of course, you can exhale, through your nose, if you are using a CPAP mask with a chin strap, which is recommended for mouth breathers. The mask won’t make you sweat since it focuses on the mouth and the nose area for the full-face mask or just on the nose for nasal masks.

As you sleep, a steady stream of air from the CPAP machine that functions like a fan is coursed through the tubing leading to mask and towards the outlet directed to the nose. The mask is soft and padded and designed in the contours of your nose and mouth and therefore comfortable. But you have to choose what’s best for your sleeping style.

The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Are you sleeping alone? Chances are you will never catch yourself snoring or giving strange strangling sounds. With a growing awareness about this invisible disease, more people are having themselves evaluated for sleep apnea or sleep disorders. The popular treatment available is the use of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP because this is non-invasive. All you have to do is get a CPAP machine and wear CPAP mask with flexible tubing that connects to the machine. Sleep Apnea

So you want to put off seeing a doctor? Well, you might be frightened enough to know that sleep apnea does not only rob you of a good night’s sleep but can cause stroke, contribute to the deterioration of existing heart diseases and diabetes; worse yet make your life miserable. Sleep apnea sufferers swear that they always feel drowsy during the day despite sleeping the night away and feel tired all the time. They also lack focus.

You sleep apnea may not be completely cured especially if the issue is a genetically narrow throat that obstruct the airways during sleep. It could also be caused by a large tongue. These causes are beyond surgery but devices are available to provide you enough air while you sleep. If you are obese, dieting can eliminate sleep apnea but you will need a sleep apnea mask to get enough air supply from the CPAP machine while you are on a supervised diet. That is the CPAP mask for you.


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